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Licensing Music / Custom Beats

 From Hip-Hop artists looking for beats to visual content creators in need of sound for their next project, Chronochord provides original music for various uses in modern multimedia. Offering a variety of instrumental songs rooted in many genres, Chronochord strives for supreme quality throughout the entire process of writing, recording and mixing their tracks.  E-mail if you are interested or have any questions regarding the licensing and usage of Chronochord’s music.


Rates and Features


Basic Package

1 song for $10 / 6 songs for $30 / 12 songs for $50

AAC / MP3 / FLAC / Full Resolution WAV files
Unlimited Use
No Limit on Copies Sold
Streaming on Spotify, ITunes etc.
Sync License for Radio, Internet and Multimedia
Allowed to Remix, Rearrange and Sample
Shared Copyright


Deluxe Package

1 song for $20 / 6 songs for $50 / 12 songs for $100

AAC / MP3 / FLAC / Full Resolution WAV files
Full Resolution WAV Audio Stems (Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, FX)

Unlimited Usage
No Limit on Copies Sold
Streaming on Spotify, ITunes, etc.
Sync License for Radio, Internet, Video Games, Film, Multimedia
Allowed to Remix, Rearrange, Sample, Addition of Original Music
Shared Copyright


All songs can be rearranged, remixed and remastered by Chronochord upon request.

Song information and data (BPM’s, Song Keys, etc.) available upon request.

Mixing and mastering services available by request (Chronochord records and mixes their work at Dark Matter Recording).


Custom Beats

The music production team of Chronochord can create custom Hip-Hop beats and songs in other genres tailored to your particular style. With their versitile skill set behind the boards, you’re guaranteed a professional quality track with top level mixes that will allow you to compete in the modern music market. E-mail to begin your collaboration.


Uses for Chronochord Music

Vocalists and Emcees: Instrumentals and backing tracks for usage in record production and live performance.

DJ’s and Remixers: Full mixes, stems and individual elements of our instrumental music are available for use in production and live performance.

Multimedia Production: Background music for video and productions intended for the internet.

Marketers and Advertisers: Audio clips of any required length are available for your radio and broadcast commercial needs.


Copyright Considerations

Chronochord’s original instrumental music contains no sampled material and is written, recorded and mixed by Chronochord.

Copyrights of both the underlying compositions and sound recordings are owned solely by Chronochord. For future copyright purposes, work resulting from licensed material and/or collaboration will be considered a derivative of the original.


To license our music contact us at

Payments made via PayPal.

Expect delivery of files within 48 hours after payment